Trade China, Chinese and Hong Kong trade trips

New Trade China Website is now up and running.

Check it out here

Have just  finished spending 2 Years setting up a China company with a friend and am now moving on to something I always wanted to do. Set up a new company Trade China. Actually not so new its 3 Years old but never did anything with it!
Have been to China now over 40 times in the past 15 Years. Last year I went 6 times. Recently I have also been doing what’s probably called consultancy work for retail, wholesale and Industrial products. This is what I am good at. So decided to formalise what I can provide.
My Ecommerce (might change to a standard website) trade trip, sourcing site will provide a different way of doing business, saving everyone time and money, provide multiple sourcing trip solutions to exhibitions & factories in China and Hong Kong.
I can also visit the factories faster and more cost effective than your own buyer. Provide a top notch service, better than what you can get from a Chinese agent or the other British trade trip services.

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