The Sun The Wind and the big bad energy companies

The Worlds governments main goal should be to alleviate energy slavery poverty. Renewable solar energy access is the main building block of economic development and human welfare.

Free solar energy will provide increased education and industrial opportunities with lower costs and lower sell prices and enhance all our communities.

Its our duty to provide free clean renewable solar powered energy for basic human needs such as lighting, cooking heating, refrigeration in all developed and developing countries.

Solar power can change the way we live our lives and if done right no one need to pay anything but a small contribution for maintenance costs. There are very few moving parts with solar power and no risk of any kind of man made disaster associated with nuclear power.

Our goal should be to redistribute the money we waste spending on an invisible product and reinvest what we pay for our energy bills in too something that will improve all our lives. Solar power will do this.

If individual communities worked together they have the opportunity now to take control of one of the biggest costs associated with living and help to end poverty.

No one has the right to control the Sun or the winds gift of free and clean energy. Renewable energy and the power of the Sun and the Wind gives us a defining choice in how we live our lives from now on.

If we don’t do something now the same people charging us for energy who only care about profits and share holders dividends will still be in charge by the next century.

We all have a choice. And there are options to make it happen. Let’s all choose to fight back and use what’s been given to us for free. If we invest in solar power and choose to work as communities rather than individuals we can fight what has now become an oppressive elitist stance by all energy providers.

With most solar power option the payback is now less than 5 years for a system that will give you 25 to 30 years of life of free renewable energy with little maintenance costs.

I work for several renewable energy companies and know the true cost of these systems and the endless possibilities they give us in empowering people to change ours and other peoples lives.

I hope this article has opened your mind to what’s possible.